Over the last dozen years or more both Daphne and I have litigated Court Martial defense cases in the military court houses of Hawaii at Schofield Army Base, Kaneohe Marine Base, Pearl Habor Naval Base, Hickam Air Force Base, and as far as Adack Naval Station in Alska with considerable success.

The rates charged for military court martial defense case work, is less than civilian criminal court felony cases, because the military process is considerably faster, and takes less time.

While our basic rate is $250 an hour. Flat rates can be set for criminal defense case work, depending upon the seriousness and the number of charges.

If you have need of military Court Martial Defense work, give Andre Wooten a call at (808) 545-4165 or Daphne Barbee Wooten at (08) 533-0275. Mahalo


Atty. Andre Wooten's father has recently been honored by being selected, to feature in recruiting posters for the U.S. Air Force, which is a sign, of paying tribute to the contributions of the famed "TUSKEGEE FLIERS"