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Members & Mission

(Left to Right) Hank Simms and Judge Sandra Simms(Rtrd)Judge Simms is the new President of AALA (Hawaii)

Attorney Andre Wooten: Vice President AALA (HI)



At this years meeting  African American Lawyers Association (A.A.L.A) of Hawaii, elected Judge Sandra Simms to be their president for a term of two years. To assist her  Attorney Andre Wooten was elected to continue with his past post of vice president. For those who know Judge Simms, know her very positive stand in handing  out very fair judgement to all cases that came before her at the courts.  AALA considers  itself  fortunate to have an outstanding legal personality as its president.  For those who love justice and peace, we salute  Judge Simms for all those years she sat on the bench and  upheld  the rule of law in Hawaii  You were never soft on crime, but just to those who who were innocent. Congratulations.

If you have a legal problem or issue don't hesitate to call any of the legal experts listed below.

Members of A.A.L.A:

  • Attorney Andre Wooten
  • Attorney Daphne Barbee Wooten
  • Attorney Rustam Barbee
  • Attorney Jerry Wilson
  • Attorney Joseph Mottl
  • Attorney Victor James
  • Attorney Khalid Muhjitaba
  • Judge Sandra Simms

    Miss Alandria Fields

    Seventeen year old Miss Alandria Fields of Moanalua High School, 12 th Grade was this years wiinner of African American Lawyers Association (A.A.L.A) of Hawaii, yearly essay competition.    

    (L to R) At. Rustam Barbee presenting a check to Alandria Fields

    (Left)Atty Rustam Barbee hands Alandria a check of $ 1,000.  In winning Alandria had to write an essay tackling  the issues relating to Brown vs. Board of Education.  In  her essay Alandria  brought out facts that in black schools, used books handed down from white schools, was a common practice,  usually there were insufficient desks in these schools,  and the school  infrastuctures were broken down, not fit for human use.

    At the luncheon gathering which was held at The Willows Restaurant AALA members were all full of praises for Alandria's in depth and intelligent essay.  This seemed to give them courage and hope in continuing to hold the yearly essay competition.  Alandria herself was headed to more greener pastures, by pursuing a medical studies, possibly at Howard University, in Washington D.C.  Alandria was also a recepient of a military scholarship.  Congratulations Alandria Fields.


    Alandria's parents Lucas and Naome were very happy  of their daughters achievement.  They accompanied her to the luncheon which was held on July 21, 2004 at The Willows Restaurant.  (Right)  In this picture happy parents of the winner of Brown vs. Board of Education Essay, which was organized by AALA, are seen sharing the happy moment with the rest of AALA members and invited guests.

    (l/r) Mrs and Mr. Lucas



    (R. to L.)Attys Andre Wooten and Rustam Barbee, at The Willows Restaurant where theaward ceremony for the winner of Brown v. Boardof Education essay  was held.









    (Left) Attorney Daphne Barbee Wooten, past president of  A.A.L.A was happy that his father was being honored by Winsconsin for his many years of fighting for civil and legal  rights, of those who were denied those rights in yester years America. As the official publication of the  State Bar  of Winsconsin, of April 2004, Winsconsin Lawyer ( , had this heading for Lloyd's article, Lloyd Barbee: Fighting Segregation "Root and Branch."  (by Maxine Aldridge White & Joseph A. Ranney(See below for more)


    (Right)) Attorney Lloyd Barbeee, the father of Attys Daphne Barbee Wooten and Rustam Barbee,  a lawyer, legislator, and an  effective voice for the NAACP, led the modern civil rights  movement in Wisconsin  for many years.  In this year marking the 50th anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, it is fitting to recognize Winsconsin's most influential figure in implementing that decision.
    Barbee honored


    In June 2004, National Bar Association  led a delegation to Africa.  This delegation was drawn from the national membership of which African American Lawyers Association (A.A.L.A) of Hawaii is a member.  While in Africa the members visited South Africa, Botswana and Zimbambwe. On this official visit of African American Lawyers to Southern Africa,  the members had an opportunity to interact with their peers in this region.  In doing so, they were able to get right hand information on what was happening in those countries in particular, and in the continent in general.  Of interest here was the legal aspects of biotechnology, when it came to indigenous flora and fauna of Africa.



    (Right) Attorney Daphne B. Wooten seen with the Supreme Court Justice of  Botswana , Justice Unity Dow.


    As seen in this photo( R and Left), Attorney
    Andre Wooten and Daphne Barbee Wooten are seen visiting with  one of local King in South Africa.

    Members of National Bar Association(NBA) and African American Lawyers Association (A.A.L.A.) of Hawaii  pose for a photograph with the President of the Republic of Botswana (4th from left) Mr. Festus Mogae.  In the back raw (on the right),  Attorneys Andre Wooten and Daphne B. Wooten can be seen enjoying their photo seccession.

    Attorney Andre Wooten, an A.A.L.A member, has won a monumental civil right case, against UH, Medical School. The University of Hawaii, Medical School, agreed to settle out of court, in the tune of  $52,000, for having discriminated against a male African American student applicant, in its admission policy.  This historic case was nationally covered by CNN.  Congratulations Attorney Andre Wooten., for details visit;


     Attorneys Danielle Conway-Jones, N.B. A. President, Reginald Turner,  Daphne-Barbee-Wooten, Andre' Wooten, Judge Sandra Simms, John Crump, N.B.A. Executive Director, and Christopher Jones, Dep. Dir. of Hawaii State Civil Rights Commission are pictured in February  2006. 
     This is a photo of the diner reception at the Hao Tree on San Souci Beach that the African-American Lawyers Association of Hawaii hosted for Atty. Reginald Turner, President of the National Bar Association.   





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